Showcasing Dixon Does It

Fine Art, Woodworking, Photography 

3D Artworks


Dixon begins with unique wood constructions that are assembled piece by piece. The structures are primed, smoothed and finished with oil paint to provide viewers a refreshingly new art experience.



Dixon's raw materials inventory consists of violins, guitars, piano action racks, old clocks and boxes of flotsam and jetsam. Enjoy seeing his creations that have taken Cubism off the canvas into the 3rd dimension.

Beyond Cubism

Assembledge, found objects, mixed media

Found objects receive a new life as they are worked into complicated and often time surprising art themes.

Artist's Statement

 Four years ago I cut up an old, battered guitar and began to reassemble the pieces in a cubist style similar to that of Pablo Picasso. When everything was back together in its new form, I saw that I still had a guitar. But, it had been enhanced with a refreshing new geometry. A later project called for me to disassemble a piano. What I found inside were the magnificent complexities of its construction. The amazing workmanship. The theme, variations, and rhythms of its parts. Certainly that beauty deserved to be out in the open, visible for everyone to see. So I took many of those wonderful elements to form a sculpture named My Be Flat Piano. It measured 24" x 36" x 3". Flat indeed! I scribed a few words on its back: “Look now to enjoy the themes and variations on the themes from the internal precision and magnificent rhythms of my ‘Be Flat Piano.’ No longer too heavy to carry, albeit finally out of tunes."   Today I continue deep into 3D creations. I hope you enjoy seeing familiar items in their new form, one-of-a-kind combinations that bring traditional cubism out into the realm of the third dimension.


Dixon is a contemporary artist who works extensively with wood working equipment, cameras, computers as well as his favorite oil paints.  Dixon considers himself as a “Constructionist. His work has been exhibited with numerous regional art associations in both Florida and Massachusetts.  A recent one-man exhibit of the new 3D works (Sponsored by the North River Art Society) ran June 9th – August 10, 2018, at the Jeanne Horan Gallery in Marshfield, Massachusetts.  In September, 2018, the LIGHT, SPACE & TIME ONLINE GALLERY listed him among the TOP 25 3D ARTISTS TO WATCH. Currently he has  a Solo Art Exhibition that will run online until November 14, 2018 at

He has a Mechanical Engineering degree from Union College and has done graduate study at Yale University School of Art.

3D Art reproductions that the visually impaired can enjoy through touch

These museum reproductions were constructed using a flat panel made of wood as the "canvas." Design elements were glued to the substrate piece-by-piece, layer upon layer. Surfaces were smoothed, carefully blended and primed before color was applied ... all in an attempt to be faithful both to the color palette and brush textures of the original painting.

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